Learning For Life – A Montessori Franchise Program that Makes a Difference.


Today’s educational marketplace is filled with several options, but none quite compare to the measured benefits of the Montessori curriculum. Over 4,000 schools in North America already utilize this world renowned educational avenue. Learning for Life, based in Texas, understands the need for a curriculum that will launch the up and coming generations into a lifetime full of success. Begun in 2008, Learning for Life has an exceptional backing of over 30 years of experience within its management team. The company has hand-selected teachers with Montessori skills and strives for excellence in all that they do. Through solid operational practices, unparalleled client relations, and great community reception, this high quality brand is now offering an enticing franchise opportunity through their exciting franchise launch!


Learning for Life’s priority isn’t just teaching solid academic skills; it’s so much more! They are on a mission to teach students to become self-sufficient, confident, independent thinkers who are top contributors to the world around them. Through the Montessori philosophy, students are given a well-rounded skill set that allows them to not just regurgitate facts, but to solve problems and research answers. After students are exposed to a Montessori curriculum, they are typically more enthusiastic about school and often have a better outlook on learning in general. The Montessori model at Learning for Life allows children to have more freedom in how they spend their time learning, thus producing a better attitude towards the tasks of academia, such as reading and receiving instruction.


The franchise opportunity is indeed attractive. This business is operationally simple, meaning the structure can be quickly taught to any franchisees, making for a short timeframe in which a person is independently running their very own Learning for Life. Learning for Life believes that certain individuals will fit well into their team. Ideal franchise candidates will understand the value of the curriculum and will be willing to engage with the community of clientele in the fun, exciting growth process of each student. The company plans to launch its first franchise venture within Texas and expand throughout the U.S..


Learning for Life wants to hear from those interested in becoming a part of a team of people who offer superior education and who have a passion for helping children become successful in all that they do. If you are interested in learning more about the Learning for Life Montessori franchise opportunity, please visit their website at learningforlifemontessori.com/what-you-get.